How are you managing your daily and weekly planning? Need to finetune the process a little more? I have gathered together some key points that will help you improve your technique and help you focus on the content, rather than stressing about the process.

  1. Sourcing an appropriate planning template should be your first step. The template must meet all of your needs. Not sure what those needs are? Make a list. Here’s some ideas, however your own needs will probably be different:
  • Enough space for each lesson
  • Set out so it’s easy for YOU to follow
  • Be sequential
  • Formatting doesn’t get all stuffed up when it’s used
  • Key reminders, such as Learning Intentions, Success Criteria, WALT or WILF etc
  • Times and dates

You will find templates by asking colleagues, searching the internet or making your own. I’ve always made my own. Samples to view or download are available on our website at

  1. Choose an appropriate time to plan. When you are first beginning the planning process it can be daunting. Using your time release during school hours may not be possible as teachers get interrupted all the time! You really need to allocate time when there will be no distractions. I choose to plan at home where I know my Internet will always work and at a time that’s suitable and my headspace is free. Other teachers might like to get to work by 7.30am and have an uninterrupted hour, or perhaps after school.
  1. Begin with the end in mind. It’s bad planning practice to find an activity and try and make it fit with what you are doing. Set your goals, Learning Intentions or WALT etc. first.
  1. Remember all the theory you learnt at uni and that you also do in ongoing Professional Development. For example, Bloom’s Taxonomy, rich learning tasks, open ended, differentiated and your state’s curriculum.
  1. Ask for help. You have NOT failed by seeking assistance. You are showing you are open to feedback and wish to be the best teacher you can be. It is the responsibility of more experienced teachers to guide you. If you are getting no help, ask others, ask your uni mates and fellow teachers at other schools. Or ask me!

Good Luck!